Since 1894

The Global Leader in Searchlight Technology

Pioneer of the Xenon Arc Searchlight

A Brief History of Night Master US.

C&F has pioneered every searchlight innovation over the last century.

Founded in 1894, Night Master US invented the first Carbon Arc Searchlight in North America, and provided this technology to the Paddle-wheel Boats on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

In the 1960’s, Night Master US pioneered Xenon Arc Searchlight Technology, and the Company’s products remain to this day, the standard of the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Federal Prison System.

In addition, Night Master US products are used worldwide in the Super yacht Market, The Commercial Marine Market and a multitude of International Military Forces and Security Installations.

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Quality and Reliability since 1894

The name “Night Master US.” on a searchlight nameplate is a guarantee of workmanship and quality.

Since 1894, The Night Master USmpany has become the world leader for the highest quality and brightest searchlights made. The Company secured its reputation as the industry leader when it pioneered the development of high intensity xenon arc searchlights.

Today, the Company is being run by the fourth Generation team of 2-brothers, Kurtis B. Finch – President, and Garth S. Finch – Senior Vice President. This owner/management team is continuing to lead the Company to remain the standard for our US Navy and Coast Guard (including aid to navigation coastal lighting), the national and international commercial marine industries, as well as the world’s most prestigious yacht builders.

The Night Master USmpany, an ISO 9001:2015 with Design company, today manufactures an extensive line of marine searchlights intended for heavy duty ship board use and land based security applications… an extensive line of searchlights using halogen and xenon short arc as light sources, as well as an emerging line of LED searchlight products.

Specialty and custom searchlights compliment the product line, for unique applications requiring all sorts of embedded cameras, from low light to thermal imaging and much more. Total manufacturing square footage is approximately 35,000 and filled with all sorts of manufacturing equipment, machinery, etc. from CNC machining centers to automated Powder Coating along with many skilled craftsmen for operation.

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