CFx 200 NightFINDER

15 Million Beam Candlepower Searchlight with Integrated NightFINDER™ Thermal Camera

Sleek-Style 200 Watt Xenon Arc Searchlight with NightFINDER™ System

15 Million Candlepower and Electric Beam-size Focus

  • Beam Intensity (Candlepower): 15 Million Beam Candlepower – illuminates a distance of 2.4 miles on a clear night
  • NightFINDER™ Thermal Camera: “NightFINDER™ Feature” adds Thermal Camera to the Pan/Tilt Base, providing additional Night Vision Capability and Beam/Camera Tracking on target.
  • Electric Beam-Size Focus: Beam can be widened and narrowed electrically, throughout a continuous spectrum.
  • Proportional-Speed Joystick: Speed and Direction are controlled by Joystick… i.e. “Move Joystick to the first position and Beam moves slowly… move Joystick further and it speeds up!”.
  • Bullet-Resistant Reflector: Virtually indestructible Nickel Material helps prevent breakage if fixture is struck by bullets or rocks.
  • Unrestricted 360° Motion: Slip-Rings provide Continuous, 360° Horizontal Motion with No Stop Points.
  • Anti-icing Heater: (optional): Thermostatically-controlled heaters are located in Base.
  • Azimuth Position Indicator (optional): Position Indicator Panel displays the Horizontal Position in Degrees.
  • SmartVIEW™ Control (optional): Micro-processor controls provide switching throughout a BUS Network, with multiple protocols: TCP/IP, RS232, RS422 and RS485.
  • High Powered Strobe (optional): Powerful Nonlethal Deterrent disorients intruder and denies Night Vision.
  • Detachable IR Filter (optional): provides covert surveillance when used with Lowlight Cameras and NVG’s.
  • Customer Colors (optional): Salt-Resistant, Scratch resistant Powder Coat Finish (White is the standard color).

Tough Enough for the Canadian Coast Guard!

By integrating a searchlight and thermal camera within the same design, you will realize the following benefits: Save Money… Reduce Mounting Space… have “Built-in-Tracking between Searchlight and Camera”, and provide “Synergism with other Night Vision Systems”.

The camera and searchlight are precisely aligned, so they track together on the same target as the Pan/Tilt Base moves. Therefore, the camera can be used as a “Covert Targeting Device” to instantly and accurately illuminate the object (i.e. operator scans horizon covertly with camera, and when further recognition is required, the searchlight instantly and accurately illuminates the target!). This not only enhances ship navigation, but will also deny an intruder’s night vision, with an intense blinding beam of light. And the optional strobe feature provides a disorienting and dizzying effect, thereby transforming the NightFINDER™ into a “Powerful Nonlethal Weapon!”

Searchlight Specifications

  • Electric Beam-Size Focus: 1 to 20º (throughout continuous spectrum)
  • Temperature Range: -25 ºC to +48 ºC (approx.)
  • Environmental Protection: IP56
  • Power Consumption: 115VAC/5 Amps or 230VAC/2.5 Amps; 50/60HZ
  • Vertical Span: +30° to -30° (Total 60° approx.)
  • Horizontal Span: Continuous 360° rotation with no stop points
  • Beam-Speed (approx): 18º per sec (Fast/Horiz.); 3º per sec (Slow/Horiz.)
  • Lamp: 200 Watt, Xenon Short Arc, 6500 ºKelvin
  • Beam Intensity: 15 Million Candela
  • Distance Serviced measuring 1 LUX: 3873 Meters on a clear night.
  • Reflector: Precision Electroformed, Nickel Material, Bullet-Resistant
  • Materials: Marine Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Salt-Resistant, Scratch-Resistant Powder Coat
  • Upside-Down Mount (optional): Saves space!

Proportional-Speed Joystick Control - Provides Single-Hand Operation

We offer a “Proportional-Speed Joystick”, which controls the Beam-Speed and Beam-Direction by moving the Joystick with a single hand… i.e. “move the Joystick to the first position, and the Beam moves slowly… move it further and the Beam speeds up!”.

Since the need for an additional Speed-Dial or Fast/Slow Switch has now been eliminated (which requires the user to use two hands of operation), the operator can now use his/her free hand to steer the vessel, hold binoculars, or hold a fire arm.

Additional Control Functions are: Beam-ON, Beam-OFF, Electric Beam-size Focus, Proportional-Speed Joystick (described above), and Beam-On Indicator light (offered on Indoor Stations-only).

Components and Dimensions

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