CFx 200

15 Million Beam Candlepower projects beam 2.5 miles on a clear night

Sleek-Style 200 Watt Xenon Arc Searchlight

15 Million Candlepower and Electric Beam-size Focus

  • Beam Intensity (Candlepower): 15 Million Beam Candlepower – illuminates a distance of 2.4 miles on a clear night
  • Electric Beam-Size Focus: Beam can be widened and narrowed electrically, throughout a continuous spectrum.
  • Proportional-Speed Joystick: Speed and Direction are controlled by Joystick… i.e. “Move Joystick to the first position and Beam moves slowly… move Joystick further and it speeds up!”.
  • Bullet-Resistant Reflector: Virtually indestructible Nickel Material helps prevent breakage if fixture is struck by bullets or rocks.
  • Unrestricted 360° Motion: Slip-Rings provide Continuous, 360° Horizontal Motion with No Stop Points.
  • Anti-icing Heater: (optional): Thermostatically-controlled heaters are located in Base.
  • Azimuth Position Indicator (optional): Position Indicator Panel displays the Horizontal Position in Degrees.
  • Sleek-Style NightFINDER™ Thermal Camera (optional): “NightFINDER™ Feature” adds Thermal Camera to the Pan/Tilt Base, providing additional Night Vision Capability and Beam/Camera Tracking on target.
  • SmartVIEW™ Control (optional): Micro-processor controls provide switching throughout a BUS Network, with multiple protocols: TCP/IP, RS232, RS422 and RS485.
  • High Powered Strobe (optional): Powerful Nonlethal Deterrent disorients intruder and denies Night Vision.
  • Detachable IR Filter (optional): provides covert surveillance when used with Lowlight Cameras and NVG’s.
  • Customer Colors (optional): Salt-Resistant, Scratch resistant Powder Coat Finish (White is the standard color).

All Xenon Searchlights

Searchlight Specifications

  • Electric Beam-Size Focus: 1 to 20º (throughout continuous spectrum)
  • Temperature Range: -25 ºC to +48 ºC (approx.)
  • Environmental Protection: IP56
  • Power Consumption: 115VAC/5 Amps or 230VAC/2.5 Amps; 50/60HZ
  • Vertical Span: +30° to -30° (Total 60° approx.)
  • Horizontal Span: Continuous 360° rotation with no stop points
  • Beam-Speed (approx): 18º per sec (Fast/Horiz.); 3º per sec (Slow/Horiz.)
  • Lamp: 200 Watt, Xenon Short Arc, 6500 ºKelvin
  • Beam Intensity: 15 Million Candela
  • Distance Serviced measuring 1 LUX: 3873 Meters on a clear night.
  • Reflector: Precision Electroformed, Nickel Material, Bullet-Resistant
  • Materials: Marine Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Salt-Resistant, Scratch-Resistant Powder Coat
  • Upside-Down Mount (optional): Saves space!

Tough Enough for the Canadian Coast Guard!

Proportional-Speed Joystick Control - Provides Single-Hand Operation

We offer a “Proportional-Speed Joystick”, which controls the Beam-Speed and Beam-Direction by moving the Joystick with a single hand… i.e. “move the Joystick to the first position, and the Beam moves slowly… move it further and the Beam speeds up!”.

Since the need for an additional Speed-Dial or Fast/Slow Switch has now been eliminated (which requires the user to use two hands of operation), the operator can now use his/her free hand to steer the vessel, hold binoculars, or hold a fire arm.

Additional Control Functions are: Beam-ON, Beam-OFF, Electric Beam-size Focus, Proportional-Speed Joystick (described above), and Beam-On Indicator light (offered on Indoor Stations-only).

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