CFx 500

45 Million Beam Candlepower projects beam 4 miles on a clear night

500 Watt Xenon Yacht Searchlight

45 Million Candlepower and Electric Beam-size Focus

  • Beam Intensity (Candlepower): 45 Million Beam Candlepower – Illuminates an object/person approximately 6708 meters (4 miles) on a clear night
  • Electric Beam-Size Focus: Beam can be widened and narrowed electrically, throughout a continuous spectrum.
  • Beam-Size Focus Knob: External Knob changes beam-size with no tools, and provides back-up should the focus motor fail.
  • Proportional-Speed Joystick: Speed and Direction are controlled by Joystick… i.e. “Move Joystick to the first position and Beam moves slowly… move Joystick further and it speeds up!”.
  • “Multi-board Safety Back-up”: Electronic power supply design incorporates two boards in parallel, and if one fails, the beam will still operate in back-up mode.
  • Bullet-Resistant Reflector: Virtually indestructible Nickel Material helps prevent breakage if fixture is struck by bullets or rocks.
  • Finish: Chrome Finish or White Powder (Custom Colors Also)
  • Anti-icing Heater: (optional): Thermostatically-controlled heaters are located in the Base to prevent ice build-up.
  • Azimuth Position Indicator (optional): Position Indicator Panel displays the Beam Aiming Position in Degrees.
  • Classic Style NightFINDER™ Thermal Camera (optional): Embedded NightFINDER™ Thermal Camera provides greater Night Vision Capability and the Searchlight Beam and Camera Track on the same target.
  • SmartVIEW™ Control (optional): Micro-processor controls provide switching throughout a BUS Network, with multiple protocols: TCP/IP, RS232, RS422 and RS485.
  • High Powered Strobe (optional): Powerful Nonlethal Deterrent disorients intruder and denies Night Vision.
  • LED Hybrid (optional): Auxiliary LED Light Modules project a “Wall of Light”, 150 Meters Wide and 200 Meters away, for strategic short range and wide area lighting.

Classic Sparkling Beauty and Immense Power for the World's Most Discriminating Yacht Owner

Searchlight Specifications

  • Electric Beam-Size Focus: 1 to 20º (throughout continuous spectrum)
  • Temperature Range: -25 ºC to +48 ºC (approx.)
  • Environmental Protection: IP56
  • Power Consumption: 115VAC/5 Amps or 230VAC/2.5 Amps; 50/60HZ
  • Vertical Span: +35 to -35° (Total 70° approx.)
  • Horizontal Span: Beyond Full Circle (385° with sliding stop)
  • Beam-Speed (approx): 12º per sec (Fast/Horiz.); 3º per sec (Horiz/Slow)
  • Lamp: 500 Watt, Xenon Short Arc, 6500 ºKelvin
  • Beam Intensity: 45 Million Candela
  • Distance Serviced measuring 1 LUX: 6708 Meters on a clear night.
  • Reflector: Precision Electroformed, Nickel Material, Bullet-Resistant
  • Materials: Brass or Marine Grade Aluminum with Stainless Fasteners
  • Finish: Salt-Resistant, Scratch-Resistant Powder Coat or Brass Chrome

Tough Enough for Ice Breakers!

Electronic Power Supply with Multi-Board Safety Back-up

GO GREEN with the new CFx 500 Watt Xenon Power Supply. Less than 1/3 the weight, less than 1/3 the size, and 15% more efficient than previous models.

Qty(3) Electronic Boards in Parallel Provide Immediate Safety Back-up.


  • Light Weight
  • Small Footprint
  • Improved Efficiency
  • *Multi-Board Safety Backup Design
  • 120 & 230 Vold Models Available
  • Integrated Hour Meter and Ammeter
  • Optional Outdoor Models Available
  • Backward compatible with previous generation of power supplies

*Multi-Board Safety Back-up Design: The unique Night Master US design has multiple electronic boards connected in parallel which provide built-in redundancy. If a board fails, the searchlight will still operate in ‘back-up’ mode. This feature insures greater searchlight reliability, and is offered by no other searchlight company in the world. Other searchlights have a complete outage if an electronic board fails.

Proportional-Speed Joystick Control - Provides Single-Hand Operation

We offer a “Proportional-Speed Joystick”, which controls the Beam-Speed and Beam-Direction by moving the Joystick with a single hand… i.e. “move the Joystick to the first position, and the Beam moves slowly… move it further and the Beam speeds up!”.

Since the need for an additional Speed-Dial or Fast/Slow Switch has now been eliminated (which requires the user to use two hands of operation), the operator can now use his/her free hand to steer the vessel, hold binoculars, or hold a fire arm.

Additional Control Functions are: Beam-ON, Beam-OFF, Electric Beam-size Focus, Proportional-Speed Joystick (described above), and Beam-On Indicator light (offered on Indoor Stations-only).

Components and Dimensions

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