Invisible LED + Low-Light Camera + Visible LED + Strobe Combo

An All-in-One LED Searchlight System with Both Visible and Invisible LED Lights + Integrated Low-light Camera

iLED Invisible LED - The Brightest Beam You'll Never See™

A Unique Security/Defense Solution – The iLED/LED Combo Searchlight System strategically combines LED Visible Light, a Long Range Invisible LED Beam (illuminator), a Powerful Strobe and a Low-light High Resolution HD Color Day/Night Camera, within one versatile product.

Unlike Thermal Cameras, the Invisible LED Beam will penetrate glass, read names and numbers on vessels, identify weapons which have no heat signature, and produce a clear and crisp video image.

This unique technology does not replace a FLIR™ System, but rather works synergistically with it to provide the customer a Total Security System.

Here is how it works: The operator scans the horizon using the Invisible LED Beam like an “Invisible Headlight” seeing in total darkness. When an intruder is spotted, the Invisible LED Beam is used as a “Covert Targeting Device” to instantly illuminate the target with the Visible Beam, and if there is a danger, the Powerful Strobe transforms the searchlight into a Nonlethal Strobe Defense.

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