CFx iLED - Invisible LED & Low-light Camera Upgrade

Upgrade Your Existing Searchlight with LED Infrared (IR) Illiminator and Low-Light Camera!

The IR Led Illuminator and Low-Light camera can be used as a “Covert Targeting Device”

The CFx iLED Invisible (Infrared) LED Camera System augments your existing visible searchlight beam. The iLED system includes 2 components:

  • Invisible Infrared (IR) LED Beam Illuminator (invisible to the human eye)
  • Low-light High Resolution HD Color Day/Night camera capable of picking up objects illuminated by the invisible LED illuminator

The CFx iLED system can be mounted onto the same Pan/Tilt Base as your existing Searchlight. This offers the following important advantages: Reduced Cabling, Increased Mounting Space, Increased Night Vision Capability, and Built-in-Tracking between the Searchlight and Camera.

Since the Camera and Searchlight are precisely aligned on the same target, the Camera can be used as a “Covert Targeting Device” to instantly illuminate the person or object!

Unlike Thermal Cameras, the IR Beam will penetrate glass, read names and numbers on vessels, identify weapons which have no heat signature, and produce a clear and crisp video image.

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