Searchlight and Camera integrated on same Pan/Tilt Base as Searchlight

The camera can be used as a “Covert Targeting Device”

The NightFINDER™ uniquely integrates a Thermal Camera onto the same Pan/Tilt Base as the Searchlight, which offers the following important advantages: Reduced Cabling, Increased Mounting Space, Increased Night Vision Capability, and Built-in-Tracking between the Searchlight and Camera.

Since the Camera and Searchlight are precisely aligned on the same target, the Camera can be used as a “Covert Targeting Device” to instantly illuminate the person or object!

And when the optional strobe feature is activated, the searchlight is transformed into a powerful non-lethal weapon!

The NightFINDER™ Option is offered on all C&F Classic Searchlight Products (Halogen and Xenon!). Camera Upgrades offered for Searchlights in the Field.

Two Thermal Cameras offered:

  • Medium Range: services 800 Meters (approx.)
  • Long Range: services 1500 Meters (approx.)

Features of the NightFINDER™ Option:

  • Reduces Cabling and Saves Mounting Space
  • Camera is used as a “Covert Targeting Device” to strategically light up object or person!
  • “Built-in-Tracking” between Searchlight and Camera
  • 2X/4X Digital Zoom (Long Camera Range-only)
  • White Hot/Black Hot (Long-range Camera only)
  • Optional Strobe provides Nonlethal Defense

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