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Introducing Night Master US – Low Light Navigation Redefined!

As a division of The Yacht Group, Night Master US continues our commitment of providing the most “Innovative technology for the Marine Industry”. Night Master US is helping to redefine low-light night navigation for yachtsmen.

Our leading-edge pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) hi resolution optical cameras and thermal imaging technology sets the maritime standard for robust and rugged imaging systems. Housed in a durable magnesium casing, the Night Master US is anti-corrosive and IP67 rated, enabling it to work properly even in the roughest of sea conditions.

The Night Master US incorporates a 640 x 480 or 640 x 512 (Night Master US+ and Night Master US Lite +) or 384 x 288 / (Night Master US and Night Master US Lite) uncooled thermal core. The addition of active radar tracking, digital stabilization, 25hx/30hz continuous thermal imaging capability and a unique maritime joystick with silicone weather skin protector or keyboard controller make this camera the perfect low-light navigation tool for assisting mariners in safer nighttime navigation using thermal imaging. Plus the Night Master US and Night Master US + are complete with a super high resolution 30x optical and 12x digital zoom daylight camera for incredible visibility at even .0008 LUX ( less than starlight), while the Night Master US Lite and Night Master US Lite + feature a fix lens 2x – 4 x digital zoom daylight camera.

Beyond that are a host of technological advances that leave the rest of the industry far behind… including video ‘hot spot’ tracking which enables the camera to lock on and follow moving objects automatically via receiving and analysis of data from a radar thereby controlling the Night Master US to correspond to the target indicated on radar thereby providing a video as well as a digital image of the object. Indicator icons on both the daylight and thermal screens plus a freeze frame feature make the camera system extremely user friendly. Plus much more!