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Night Vision Cameras, High-Intensity Searchlights, Non-Lethal Strobes

Anti-Piracy Security

Piracy and Terrorism have become a real threat to mariners over the past decade. As a result, the U.S. Coast Guard published a Maritime Security Directive, which provides guidelines to ship owner’s, whose vessels operate in high risk waters. Within that directive, there are specific product technologies recommended, which increase safety and security. Within this directive, it is recommended to have… “Non-lethal methods for repulsing attacks”, and use products which include… “Night Vision Devices, High Beam Searchlights, Cameras, etc.” These excerpts were taken directly from the U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Security Directive 104-6, published May 22nd, 2009.

Night Master US offers products which not only have the necessary security features to combat piracy and terrorism, but strictly follow these U.S. Coast Guard guidelines. The following is a partial listing of unique Night Master US offerings, which will help mariners sail safely, through high-risk waters:
  • Bullet-Resistant Reflectors: Included on all xenon searchlights, the precision-optic reflectors are made of virtually indestructible nickel material, which resists breakage if impacted by bullets or rocks.
  • Manual Emergency Back-up: If any motor fails (i.e. Up, Down, Right, Left or Electric Beam-Size Focus), all of the searchlight functions can be operated manually in back-up mode, quickly and easily, with no tools required.
  • “Built-in Redundancy”: 500 Watt and 1000 Watt Xenon searchlights have electronic ballast designs which include multiple electronic boards. During an emergency, if one board fails, a bright beam is still produced, even in back-up mode.
  • LED Hybrid Feature: Auxiliary LED’s added to xenon and halogen searchlights, strategically illuminate wide areas closer to the vessel, which these narrower traditional searchlight beams cannot service. The LED’s produce a “Wall of Light” 150 Meters wide by 230 Meters long, which is greatly beneficial for vessel interdiction, and denying night vision.
  • Strobe Feature: A Powerful Strobe Feature offered on xenon searchlights, provides a dizzying and disorienting effect on intruders, terrorists and pirates. This feature transforms the searchlight instantly, into a Nonlethal Weapon!
  • Detachable Infrared (IR) Filters: By attaching an IR Filter to a xenon searchlight, the fixture instantly becomes a powerful IR Illuminator, which projects an “invisible beam” undetected by the human eye, but seen with night vision goggles and cameras. The filters can be attached quickly and easily, with no tools.
  • NightFINDER™ Camera Feature: An optional embedded thermal camera on the searchlight pan/tilt base, allows the operator to see in total darkness. And because the camera and searchlight beam are precisely aligned on the same target, the camera serves as an effective “Covert Targeting Device”, to instantly illuminate person or object.
  • SmartVIEW™ Remote IP-System Control: Integrated Systems, which include Searchlights, Night Vision Cameras and IR Illuminators, are remotely controlled using the TCP/IP (Ethernet) protocol.

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