YachtCam Low Light Navigation Redefined

Night Master US Series:

Night Master US & Night Master US+

Extreme Lowlight and Thermal Cameras with Tracking!

Extreme Definition

High line resolution of 2.13 megapixel provides extreme definition

Extreme Illumination

Extreme lowlight sensitivity of 0.0013Lux (Color) 0.0008Lux (Mono)

Tracking (optional)

The optional Tracking feature enables Night Master US cameras to receive, read and analyze NMEA0183 data strings from Radar and manage algorithm calculation from current vessel position to the target. The camera will then move to actively view the target.


Night Master US Ergonomic user-friendly joystick

Ergonomic user-friendly joystick

Key Features:

  • 360 pan and tilt 15-90 degrees
  • ISO9001 Certified
  • High detection range performance
  • HD Color CMOS for perfect color differentiation
  • Fast Video refresh rate
  • Continuous 2x,4x Zoom
  • Amorphns Silicon FPA, resolution:
    Night Master US = 384×288
    Night Master US+ = 640 x 480 or 640 x 512
  • 1/2.8” CMOS color visual camera, 2.13MP, 30X optical zoom
  • Dual Analog outputs for color visual camera and thermal imaging camera
  • Dual H.264 output for color visual camera and thermal imaging camera
  • Single axis vertical stabilization
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Day/night (ICR)
  • Soft PTZ address, self-adaption of protocol and baud rate
  • 10.8~28V wide range voltage input
  • Waterproof index: IP67
  • Auto power-off with low power supply

Image Freeze Capability on Thermal & Daylight Images

Night Master US cameras support freezing images on demand. This enables more detailed review and analysis of specific images.

Indicators on Thermal & Daylight Images

Position indicators, status and scene icons are displayed on both thermal and daylight cameras, providing direct and exact information to assist navigation.

Digital Stabilization

The built-in digital stabilization system is able to compensate vertical angles to stabilize images, enabling the camera to perform well even in rough weather conditions.

Continuous Thermal Imaging

Offering the highest resolution for daylight and thermal imaging at 640 x 480 (Night Master US Plus) thermal core at 25hz / 30hz provides clear and continuous thermal images.

​Features not available on competitor cameras:

  • Video and radar tracking available
  • Indicators / Icons on both daylight and thermal cameras
  • Both daylight and thermal images support image freeze feature
  • IP 67 dust and water rating (submersible)
  • Flexible customization

Camera Mode Features

MOB Mode

MOB Mode

MOB (abbreviation of Man Over Board) is adjusted to display more details of the man who is in the water.

Night Mode

Night Mode

Night mode, the AGC is adjusted to display darker thermal image

Day Mode

Day Mode

Day mode, the AGC is adjusted to display brighter thermal image

Docking Mode

Docking Mode

Docking is adjusted to display more details of the camera and easily find the docking obstacles.

Day Mode

Tilt Angle Indicator

Horizontal Angle Indicator

Horizontal Angle Indicator



​Lux Level Chart

Night Master US requires only starlight to produce an image. Other competitors require twilight or higher lux.


Light Level in Lux

Sunlight 10,527
Daylight 10,752.7
Cloudy (Daylight) 1,075.3
Dark Day 107.53
Twilight 10.75
(Competitors require twilight or higher lux)
Deep Twilight 1.08
Full Moon 0.108
Quarter Moon 0.0108
Starlight 0.0011
(Night Master US requires .0008 lux to provide black and white image or .0015 for color)
Cloudy (Night) 0.0001