Auxiliary LED Modules added to Searchlights

The LED Beam directs a “Wall of Light” 150 Meters wide at a distance of 230 Meters.

Although the development of LED Technology has come a long way, it still cannot compete with the long distances achieved by Xenon and Halogen Searchlights. However, these traditional light sources project narrower beams, which cannot effectively service wider areas at closer range to the Marine Vessel or Guard Tower. In order to service these wide areas at shorter range, Night Master US has added auxiliary LED modules to Xenon and Halogen searchlights, which create an LED “Hybrid” Searchlight. The LED “Hybrid” Searchlight utilizes the strengths of multiple lighting technologies, on demand.

The LED Beam directs a “Wall of Light” 150 Meters wide, and a distance of 230 Meters. And the xenon or halogen beam will service very long distances, instantly, on demand. Therefore, the LED “Hybrid” Searchlight, allows the operator to fulfill all lighting applications, using one versatile product.

The wider LED Beam is extremely effective in servicing critical short range marine applications such as “Docking”, “Search and Rescue”, “Barge Handling”, “Navigating through Bridge Piers”, “Seeing Workers at Night”, “Vessel Interdiction”, etc. And in a security application, the wide LED Beam is effective lighting areas closer to the Guard Tower, as well as illuminating large areas in Prison Yards, and across fields, which surround Security Compounds.

The LED Hybrid Feature can be specified as an option for a new searchlight, or it can be sold as a field upgrade kit to existing Night Master US 500 Watt Xenon, 1000 Watt Xenon and 19-inch (483mm) Diameter Halogen Searchlights! And a smaller LED Hybrid is offered for 350 Watt Xenon Searchlights, as well as 12-inch(305mm) and 15-inch(381mm) Diameter Halogen Searchlights.

  • Eliminates Blind Spots: Auxiliary LED Modules illuminate wider areas nearer to Marine Vessels and Guard Towers, which narrower Halogen and Xenon beams cannot service!
  • Two LED “Hybrid” Offerings:
    Large Kit:     230M x 150M Beam
    Small Kit:    200M x 100M Beam
  • Low Power: Only 70 to 86 Watts per Kit
  • Long Life: 50,000 hours
  • Voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC
  • Battery Back-up: DC Power allows Battery Back-up!
  • Dual LED Module Design: Each Kit has two LED Modules powered by separate electronics, which provides back-up, if one module fails.
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